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Vikings (season 5)

12,798 views Comments (0)


12 episodes

The fifth season of the popular series “Vikings”, telling about Ragnar Lodbrok, the brave leader of the Viking tribe, who was able to write his name in world history as the ruler of one of the most strong-willed, strong and unshakable states. The protagonist of this series unites the kingdoms and tribes of the Vikings, to create a strong huge state, capable of defeating any ill-wishers. Numerous foreign trips against gentiles, as well as large-scale mass battles – these are the passion of these people. However, for all their warlikeness, the Vikings try to remain human. They have families, love and are responsible for their loved ones.


Six (season 2)

9,710 views Comments (0)


10 episodes

The plot of this series “Six” tells us a story about how a special detachment will try to save its commander from the hands of terrorists who are trying to lure information from him in any way that has an unrealistically high value in the sphere of US defense. It will also be about the always relevant issues of the value of human life, the role and place of native people in human life, responsibility and reconciliation with the tragedy of loss or murder. The motivations of the heroes, the attitude to the former commander are not so unambiguous.


Knightfall (season 1)

6,753 views Comments (0)


10 episodes

The series “Knightfall” tells about the powerful and brave Templars who survived numerous persecutions from both opponents and allies. Who would have thought that the pope, who had gathered such a mighty army, would himself pursue his representatives for the purpose of execution for treachery, which they did not commit. Defeat in the Holy Land is a failure of the military plan, but in the armies of the Templars there are no cowards and traitors. People who devoted themselves to the service of the Order were faithful to Clement Fifth and King Philip the Fourth. The protagonist of this story is the brave Sir Landry, who is at the head of the crusading army. He with pain in his heart is experiencing a failure of the crusading army in the Holy Land. However, when information appears about the Holy Grail, hope in the best appears in the heart of the protagonist again.


Six (season 1)

11,175 views Comments (6)


8 episodes

U.S. Navy’s SEAL Team Six’s mission in Afghanistan has an unexpected turn – the Taliban leader who must be eliminated is working with a citizen of the United States. This situation requires the most desperate measures, and obviously, this person must be eliminated too. But what is his role in the latest events? How the Special Forces’ elite fighters will react?


Real Vikings (season 1)

1,883 views Comments (0)


4 episodes

You can download Real Vikings Season 1 here at Latest episodes available for free download. We monitor the air dates of TV Show “Real Vikings” and upload new episodes ASAP. All premieres of television series can be found on our website. If you want to stay updated of the show’s new episodes, please, sign up for TopTvShows updates below.



Gangland Undercover (season 2)

1,949 views Comments (2)


3 episodes

A gritty fact based drama series that tells the astonishing story of a drug dealer who was arrested then given a desperate ultimatum: serve over 20 years in jail, or go undercover inside one of America’s most notorious biker gangs. Charles Falco opted to go undercover and for the next three years he led a crazy and dangerous life infiltrating the Vagos motorcycle gang, collecting evidence while faced with the constant risk that he might be discovered and become one of the gang’s victims. Each episode unfolds a different step in Falco’s covert investigation into their illegal activities, while across the series, the drama builds as carefully constructed character arcs unfold bitter personal rivalries. These tensions finally erupt when the gang’s Vice President is killed in a motorcycle accident, unleashing a chain of unforeseen consequences that ultimately tear the gang apart. With suspicions about Falco’s true identity mounting, the operation threatens to unravel, leading to a tense …


Roots (season 1)

1,949 views Comments (2)


4 episodes

The drama TV series “Roots” tells the story of Alex Haley’s family –a famous black writer and public figure of the United States. Members of his family pass through difficult and terrible experience, they have to face slavery and fight for the rights. They suffer from continuous harassment and mockeries, prosecutions and discrimination. But despite all this, they remain honest people who steadily go to the better future… (more…)


Texas Rising (season 1)

3,661 views Comments (3)


10 episodes

TV series takes place in 1836 in Texas. This period of political turmoil and military clashes. General Sam Houston’s is fighting for the independence of Texas against Mexican Army General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna. But Houston’s many enemies in his own camp, for example, an aristocrat from Kentucky Colonel Sherman ignored orders not trying to win at any cost. Yes, and President Andrew Jackson diplomatically waiting, not wanting to openly confront Mexico… The series “Rise of Texas” about the legendary Rangers is based on real events of the Texas Revolution.



Gangland Undercover (season 1)

3,485 views Comments (3)


6 episodes

A brand new show from History Channel “Gangland Undercover” tells the lifestory of Charles Falco. He was a drug dealer who was specializing on meth. When he was caught red-handed, Charles faces 20 years in prison and to avoid it ATF detective decided to recruit Charles to the police. Falco’s task was to become a memeber of the most violent biker gang in California called Vango’s. They are involved in arms trafficking, drugs and murders. Falco have no choice so he agrees to the terms of the detective. That’s how the life of undercover begins for Charles. The TV series is based on a true story.



Houdini (season 1)

9,444 views Comments (9)

Houdini poster History Channel 2014

Part 2

This is a travel back in time to the epic age of the early 1900s. In the center of the tv series will be the story of ascent to the world famous Harry Houdini. He passed a difficult way from a poor child to the great illusionist. Houdini pushes death-defying limits in his quest to out-innovate the Industrial Revolution. (more…)