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Into the Dark (season 1)

5,199 views Comments (0)

Into the Dark

3 episodes

Episodes of the horror project “Into the Dark” come out once a month. This series does not connect the plots of their episodes with each other, however, it coincides with each issue for a certain holiday, which, despite a joyous date, turns into a real horror festival! Attentive viewers can draw parallels between the episodes, but the authors set themselves the task of showing that the horror genre is still alive, despite the fact that the popularity of the genre is falling.


The First (season 1)

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The First

8 episodes

The action in the movie “The First” takes place in the near future. A group of engineers, scientists and astronauts are sent to the first manned flight to Mars in order to colonize the Red Planet. The expedition, one of the participants of which is the former NASA astronaut Tom Haggerty, faces many difficulties. Difficult times are experienced by the relatives and friends of the colonists remaining on Earth, as well as ground specialists.


Castle Rock (season 1)

4,110 views Comments (0)

Castle Rock

10 episodes

Henry Deaver’s lawyer returns to his native fictional town of Castle Rock after a mysterious call from Shawshank prison. The caller informed him that the prisoner, accidentally found in the basement of the prison, named his name. The new director of this prison is ready to sacrifice a man to save her reputation and a large salary, and the former sheriff signs documents for the not quite adequate thinking mother of the protagonist. It is in this city in the eponymous series, that the decisive battle between the forces of darkness and light must take place, the outcome of which determines the fate of all mankind.


Casual (season 4)

710 views Comments (0)


8 episodes

A new comedy series about a bachelor brother and his newly divorced sister living under one roof again. Together, they coach each other through the crazy world of dating while raising her teenage daughter. (more…)


The Handmaid’s Tale (season 2)

14,040 views Comments (0)

The Handmaid's Tale

13 episodes

The Republic of Gilead was once part of the United States, but as a result of the military coup the religious fundamentalists came to power and established a dictatorship in which everything is exclusively run by men, and the sole purpose of the woman is to give birth to a healthy child from her master, the Commander. However, because of the catastrophic ecological situation, many women have become infertile, and those few who are still able to endure a child are declared property of the state. They live in special camps, where they are trained to conceive and give birth to children for representatives of the privileged strata of the population. One of them is Offred, who is in the camp after an unsuccessful attempt to escape from Gilead. The series “Story of a Servant” is based on the novel of the same name by Margaret Atwood.


The Looming Tower (season 1)

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The Looming Tower

10 episodes

The plot of the series “The Looming Tower” develops in the early 90’s, when at first it seemed ghostly, the threat from Osama bin Laden and Al-Qaeda became quite real for the United States. The series will try to draw parallels, as a long-standing opposing between the two main law enforcement agencies of the FBI and the CIA, could inadvertently make possible the September 11 tragedy. The story will revolve around members of the counter terrorist detachments I-49, which is part of the FBI and the CIA. By focusing on bin Laden, who later becomes the main enemy of the free world, they had to prevent all attempts to attack America.


The Path (season 3)

2,312 views Comments (0)

The Path

13 episodes

In the north of the state of New York, the little-known religious cult – Meyerism (named after its founder Stephen Meyer) is gaining strength. There lives comfortably Lane family : Eddie, his devoted beautiful wife Sarah and two children. The unofficial leader of the Meyerist community is Cal Roberts. The Lane family lives peacefully until Eddie goes to Peru – supposedly to comprehend a new level of Faith. In fact, after using certain drugs that broaden consciousness, Eddie plunges into terrible hallucinations. One of the visions so strikes him that the impressionable Eddie seriously begins to doubt the very essence of Meyerism.


Runaways (season 1)

8,947 views Comments (0)


10 episodes

The main characters of this series “Runaways” lived quietly, not suspecting that something could go wrong with them. However, soon the characters learn that their parents are not who they say they are. Adolescents with all their heart hate the union “Pride”, which consists of the main super villains of the whole planet. Soon it turns out that the main combat units of this society are their parents. Who would have thought that the guys would not lose their heads and decide together and without remorse to run. It seems that they will succeed, but ahead of the main characters there is not a single difficult night, full chase and struggle for survival, because parents sooner or later will learn about the loss of their children.


Shut Eye (season 2)

363 views Comments (0)

Shut Eye

10 episodes

Once Charlie Haverford lived in Las Vegas and earned by that he came up with all sorts of tricks. Moving to Los Angeles, he changed his qualifications and turned into a medium, with a smile on his face deceiving gullible people. But Charlie has to pay the deductions for the local mafia, which controls the entire business of this kind in the City of Angels. However, his life changes in an instant, after Charlie is attacked by an angry client guy. After recovering from a blow to the head, the main character actually begins to see something strange. But what is this – the consequences of injury or the gift of God? Surely the Creator decided to play a cruel joke and made a fraudulent medium a true visionary?


Chance (season 2)

5,406 views Comments (0)


10 episodes

This is a story of intricate investigations and dangerous criminal cases. In the series “Chance” describes the work of a doctor of criminalistics. The main character is a neuropsychiatrist. In addition to monitoring people with mental disorders, the protagonist works for the police as a criminalist. The case of one crime opens for the doctor the San Francisco police from the dark side. A real drama unfolds on the doctor’s eyes. Erroneous identification and corruption threaten the lives of innocent people. The doctor has enough trouble – a divorce and a teenage daughter, who constantly requires attention. (more…)