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Star (season 3)

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4 episodes

Once, three young, talented and ambitious women decide to try themselves in singing art. The main characters of the series “Star” managed to get into the show business. But before they get the desired glory, the girls have much to sacrifice. But they believe in good luck and dream of becoming famous. They understand that only hard work will help to carry out the plan. Difficulties only harden talented women, and they all work out fine. Gradually, their popularity begins to gain momentum.

Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again

The movie “Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again” invites you to plunge into the past together with Donna – to visit Oxford, and then – Greece, to get acquainted with all three still young her boyfriends and find out how it happened that Sophie was left without a father and fathers (all three) – without a daughter. Movie is an outwardly beautiful and incendiary continuation of a story that began long ago. In 2008.


Hello Again (2017)

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It’s amazing how people who are successful in the professional sphere or have an extensive social network can remain free from the relationship? It’s not about committed bachelors, who are easier to live alone. Today, the problem of finding love is acute in developed countries. Musical movie is based on the play by Schnitzler “La Ronde” and tells about 10 lost people who, despite difficult periods in their life, find love.


Nashville (season 6)

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16 episodes

Nashville is the place where the whole country music industry is concentrated. The main character of the television series “Nashville”, Raina James – the famous country star, selling millions of albums and heading the top of the charts, which in her 40 began to lose fame. Producers offer her to go on tour with a rising star, but not-talented Juliet Barnes. All this takes place against the backdrop of the pre-election race in which Raina’s powerful father, Lamar Hampton, who once forced her to marry his protege Teddy Conrad, who currently resides with Raina’s money, will take part.


I Can Only Imagine (2018)

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I Can Only Imagine

The main hero of drama “I Can Only Imagine”, Bart Millard lives with his father Arthur. He plays football, but after getting the trauma he is forced to leave sport and start singing in the church chorus. The teenager has a difficult relationship with his father, they are constantly arguing and quarreling, not coinciding on any principle of life, but they love each other very much. When the young man turns 18, Arthur dies. Bart goes on a journey by a small bus together with friends, with whom he founded the rock band MercyMe.


Star (season 2)

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18 episodes

The main characters of the series “Star” – young singers organized a musical group and try to win the love and respect of the public. The project is focused on the world of show business and three talented singers. But as it turned out, one talent is not enough to take its place in the show business. Star was used to rely on her own powers. She has replaced more than one foster family after her mother died. To become a star for her is not only a dream, but also the goal of her whole life, as well as the opportunity to prove to everyone what she is capable of. Alex is easier, she was born in New York to a wealthy family, but she is also confident that her life should be connected with vocals. (more…)


Empire (season 4)

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18 episodes

Drama series “Empire” tells about musical tycoon Lucious Lyon, who receives terrible news that he is terminally ill, which means that his days are already numbered. In the three remaining years of his life, Lucious needs to choose a successor to the role of head of his hip-hop empire. In the ranks of the applicants there are three sons: uncontrollable Hakeem, wayward Jamal, both musicians, and also “eldest” – self-sufficient financier Andre. Is everything clear? The ideal candidate is found? Do not rush to judge, every member of the Lyon family is not the one whom he wants to appear before others. (more…)


Forever My Girl (2018)

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Forever My Girl

The romantic movie “Forever My Girl” will tell a touching story of one love. Liam Page is a country musician who instead of marrying the girl Josie, has rushed off behind glory and wealth. Once he should come back to the hometown to a funeral of his friend. And here he meets Josie again — his only true love. The protagonist faces a difficult and fateful choice, on which his future life depends.


Saturday Night Live (season 43)

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Saturday Night Live

23 episodes + Christmas Special

The evening program, in which music and humor is present, are broadcast on the famous NBC television channel entitled “Saturday Night Live”. This show is very popular, as well as the longest in the history of television in the United States of America. The first issue was released in the autumn in 1975. It includes funny humorous and musical numbers. Many reprises are played on the air by comedic actors. In the history of the show, it was visited by many famous world celebrities. Repeatedly this program was nominated for various awards. For more than a decade, the program has managed to collect a crowd of fans around TV sets.


The Greatest Showman (2017)

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The Greatest Showman

The plot of the movie “The Greatest Showman” serves exclusively for edging the songs and to look for some deep meaning in it. Writers do not stay on the complexities or conflicts – they only give an excuse for the next song, and the choreography does the rest. Almost every significant event in the life of heroes is arranged loudly, pathetically and with music. This is so classical musical that it is not necessary to wait for it from the drama – all conflicts are resolved, all villains will retreat, but the main characters will know themselves and their way in life. Trying to live on a minimum wage, the main character – Phineas Taylor Barnum dreams of more and when he is cut from the accountant’s work, he sees in this a chance to open his business, which becomes a museum of unusual things. However, the museum is not popular and Phineas has to revise the concept of the museum in favor of the show with the participation of people with various deviations. The tallest and the lowest man, the thickest and most hairy, bearded woman and Siamese twins – all find shelter under the roof of the “Circus of Barnum” and to Phineas at last comes success. (more…)