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Selfie from Hell (2018)

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Selfie from Hell

One sister comes to visit to another. And they are not at all similar to each other. Strangeness begins from the very beginning. And the whole point is, that one of the sisters somewhere climbed on the Internet, saw something unavailable, and now she is in reality pursuing some kind of virtual. In general, all the same in the plot of the movie “Selfie fron Hell” has its own meaning – it once again tries to show us the harmfulness of the Internet. People are already so focused on selfi and blogs that they forget what real life is.


The Expanse (season 3)

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The Expanse

13 episodes

In the galaxy, it’s restless again – the Earth is weaving intrigues, Mars is fighting, the distant colonies are rebelling. The crew of the cargo transport box “Canterberry” receives a mysterious signal sos … Since this time terrible adventures begin. At the other end of the galaxy, the detective is looking for the missing girl, the daughter of one very powerful person. With her disappearance, many mysteries are connected and gradually unraveling the thread behind the thread, the detective is approaching the disclosure of this terrible secret. Meanwhile, in the series “The Expanse”, scientists in the lab grew up something …


Sherlock Gnomes (2018)

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Sherlock Gnomes

Not only adults should enjoy the deductive method of investigation, which applies a well-known worldwide detective. Here and 7 years after the cartoon about the dwarves, but with the Shakespearean approach, came out the second, in a different genre. Then it was a melodrama, and now a full-fledged toy detective “Sherlock Gnomes”. Reds and blues are already a friendly family moving to London. The truth is there is quite a running garden that makes Juliet responsible not only enjoy the company of Gnomeo, but how to make order in the new territory. But the more significant problem is the disappearance of all gnomes.


Ghostland (2018)

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Let the title of the movie “Ghostland” do not mislead anyone, there will be no more ghosts than the human mind can afford. But what kind he is – sick or healthy, this is much more important. There are brilliant pictures in which everything that happens unfolds 180 degrees, towards the end. The later this can be done, the more emotionally surprised “so that’s it.” Yes, this moment will be presented here, and let it be presented at the end, but rather a little behind the middle of what is happening, there is still a restart of what has already been seen, and this does not help to weaken the interest to the movie “Ghostland”.


Westworld (season 2)

9,743 views Comments (0)


10 episodes

The second season of the series “Westworld” tells about a special park where rich and wealthy people come to have fun and meet some needs. A huge location in the style of the Wild West, populated by intelligent robots, provides guests with the freedom of choice, which they could only dream of. Someone here becomes the savior of the city, someone a detective, someone a hero-lover. But what happens if previously programmed robots begin to feel, understand and think?

Picnic at Hanging Rock

6 episodes

The focus of the plot of the series “Picnic at Hanging Rock” is the events that took place on Valentine’s Day in 1990. A group of young high school students went with their governesses to a picnic. The place was chosen as a landmark – the main characters are on the Hanging Rock, which captivates the beauty of its nature. True, there are rumors that it contains some sort of mystical power. Who would have thought that the latter would be true. Incredibly, three girls disappear, who went for a walk along the nearby trails.


The Commuter (2018)

3,895 views Comments (0)

The Commuter

60-year-old Michael (Liam Neeson) daily takes a commuter rail in a New York suburb and travels to Manhattan to work: the last ten years he is an employee of an insurance corporation. Prior to that, Michael was a policeman, but changed his occupation to better support the family after the 2008 crisis. And then one day, when time comes to deal with the second mortgage and pay for the son’s university, he is informed of the dismissal. The protagonist of the movie “The Commuter” drinks beer in a bar, where his former colleague-policemen spend time, tells his wife that everything is fine, and takes his train home. Soon a woman arrives to him and suddenly informs the following: there is a man in the train and it is known only that his (or her) name is Prin, he has something stolen in his bag, and if Michael finds this man and puts GPS-tracker in his bag, he will receive 100 thousand dollars.


Imposters (season 2)

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10 episodes

Charming scam Maddie is engaged in that seduces and falls in love with gullible men and women, and then disappears without a trace, taking with her all of their savings. For a long time she managed to deftly cover up the tracks and live herself with the clover, until once she deceived Ezra Bloom and he decides seriously to get down to business. Together with the other two victims of the insidious bride, he intends to at all costs to find and punish the criminal who stole his money and heart. Soon the characters of the series “Imposters” find out that Maddie does not work alone.

All the Money in the World

In 1973, Italian bandits kidnapped in Rome 16-year-old Paul Getty third, the grandson of the richest man in the world. Criminals demand a ransom of 17 million dollars – a modest sum by the standards of Paul Getty, who became rich in Arabian oil. However, the billionaire is famous for his stinginess, and he does not give up his principles even for the sake of his grandson. Getty announces that he will not pay a penny to the kidnappers. Instead, he sends his security expert Fletcher Chase (Mark Wahlberg) to Rome, who is trying to find the kidnapped youth and morally support his mother Gail.


The Americans (season 6)

8,497 views Comments (0)

The Americans

10 episodes

The height of the Cold War. In the US, agents of the KGB, a man (Matthew Reese) and a woman (Keri Russell) are abandoned. In fact, strangers, hardly familiar with each other people, should live like a strong American family. For the authenticity of the relationship, they have a very real joint children. The activity of an agent in a foreign country is a difficult task, it is necessary to obtain intelligence, and at the same time not to get caught. They have to kill, start families on the side, constantly change the appearance. At the same time, children should not suspect anything, and after all they are already teenagers, it is almost impossible to hide falsehood. Such circumstances bring together, the relationship between unwitting spouses gradually becomes closer and real feelings emerge.